"Persistent Quest" is published annually to introduce the latest accomplishments of JAERI (Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute) in scientific and technical research to the general public. It focuses on research topics that made outstanding progress in the past year.
Since 1956, when JAERI was established as the central institution in Japan devoted to nuclear energy research, it has conducted R&D in various research areas and contributed to the development and establishment of nuclear science & technology.
Nuclear science & technology has many advantages and offers solutions to the very important issues of energy supply and protection of the global environment, which face human society in the 21st century. JAERI conducts R&D in advanced fields of nuclear energy such as future types of energy systems (nuclear fission), nuclear fusion, high-temperature engineering test research, basic nuclear research, and radiation applications. JAERI also continues research efforts on the safety and reliability of nuclear energy systems which we hope will help to increase public confidence in nuclear energy development.
Another mission of JAERI is to utilize research in nuclear science & technology to enhance progress in other fields of general science and technology. We hope that research in the fields of neutron science, synchrotron radiation, advanced photon science, computational science and technology, and advanced basic research can contribute to promote and enrich the intellectual property of human society.
Unique research facilities in JAERI, such as reactors and accelerators, are used for research collaboration with universities, national laboratories, and industries to raise Japanese research activities. Moreover, the post doctoral fellowship program has been prepared to encourage talented young scientists. Intensive information exchange has also been developed, together with extensive international collaborative R&D.
Some highlights of these JAERI research activities are presented in this document. We hope that it will be of interest to readers and that it will help them understand the frontiers of the wide R&D activities in JAERI.

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Persistent Quest-Research Activities 2000
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