This report, "Persistent Quest," is published annually to introduce the latest accomplishments of the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, JAERI, intelligibly to the public. The research activities that made outstanding progress in the past year are described herein. We hope the contents will be of interest to you and will help you understand the most advanced - as well as the broad range of - research and development activities at JAERI.
JAERI, an organization devoted to comprehensive nuclear energy research, was established in June 1956. Since then, JAERI has pioneered nuclear science and engineering by engaging in the most advanced research and development activities.
Today, JAERI's major research efforts in the field of nuclear energy consist of studies on 1) next-generation nuclear energy systems, 2) high-temperature reactor technologies through the development and application of the High-Temperature engineering Test Reactor, HTTR, and 3) nuclear fusion including participation in the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor project, ITER. JAERI has been developing advanced energy systems for the twenty-first century through these programs, while also conducting research on nuclear safety and health safety.
JAERI also engages in comprehensive and basic nuclear research, which will contribute to the progress of science and technology in the future. This includes: 1) radiation application investigations with ion-beam, electron-beam and gamma-ray irradiation, 2) neutron science studies to elucidate the structures and functions of materials by participating in the High-Intensity Proton Accelerator Project, 3) synchrotron radiation studies using the 8-GeV Super Photon ring (SPring-8) and advanced photon research including X-ray laser development, and 4) advanced computational science research, the science that complements theoretical and laboratory sciences.
JAERI, through these research activities, has contributed not only to the R&D of nuclear energy, but also to progress in science and technology in Japan. Moreover, JAERI has made available its unique facilities, such as test reactors, research reactors, and particle accelerators to researchers from domestic and overseas universities and other institutions for cooperative research in various fields.
The Japanese government has decided to unify JAERI and the Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute (JNC) to form an independent agency devoted to comprehensive R&D in the field of nuclear energy. Preparations for this unification are now well advanced. We are making every effort to establish a new agency that will be able to meet public expectations for the research and development of nuclear energy by fully utilizing the roles, accomplishments, and R&D capabilities that JAERI has attained.

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